5 In 1 Clipper Spray / Clippercide

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Benefits of the Product

Beardburys 5 in 1 is a basic product for the maintenance of your hair cutting machine. And in your hygiene protocol in your barbershop. Its 5 in 1 formula is a coolant, disinfectant, lubricant, cleaner and antioxidant.

General Features

- Coolant: It has an immediate cooling effect, causing a drop in the temperature of the blade that will help you get the maximum performance of your cutting machine as well as maximum precision.
- Disinfectant: Its alcohol content instantly sanitizes the blade of your hair cutting machine.
- Lubricant: Super lubricant oil, which increase the life of your blades
- Cleanser: the pressure of the spray helps to remove the remains of the hair from your blade and cutter
- Antioxidant: Cares for your hair cutting machine and helps prevent rust on your blade

Way of Use

- Shake the product before use.
- We recommend that you use the 5in1 Spray in front of the client before each service to improve your barber shop hygiene protocol. This way you will turn every job into a unique reference experience for your customers.
- Spray the head of your machine and turn it on so that it is distributed over the entire contact surface.