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Be upstanding for Captain Fawcett’s Deluxe Barbers' Apron skilfully fabricated in lightweight 8oz waxed cotton with real leather straps and aged brass fixings. Leather and cotton pockets designed to accommodate your tools both safely and securely include a rather nifty pouch with an upside down flap enabling easy removal of detritus. The reverse of this classic British racing green apron is lined with dark indigo cotton to prevent the penetration of rogue hair.

Your beautifully hand crafted Barbers apron is supported by adjustable leather crossed back straps designed for comfort and to alleviate unwanted neck strain.

A natural feature of Captain Fawcett’s waxed cotton apron is that it gains markings significant with both age and the garments use. This patina is characterful, much like the very best Barbers to be found around the world, however if you prefer a smooth fresh look to your apron this can be easily achieved by on occasion re-waxing your apron. Proprietary brands of wax such as those used to renovate Barbour jackets and designed specifically for this purpose are readily available. 

Care instructions:
Do not machine wash. Do not use a tumble dryer. Wipe clean with a damp cloth, using Castile soap if absolutely necessary and hang to dry.